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Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Friends, are you looking for information about minimalist kitchen renovations in subsidized homes? Don't go anywhere, see the design and cost details in this article. The cost is very economical, only about 2 million.

The subsidized housing is one of the government programs intended for low-income people or MBR.

This house has a characteristic shape and design that is the same from one another.

Renovation of subsidized houses should also not be arbitrary.

Because this type of house has its own provisions that are different from other residential homes.

However, you can do light renovations, one of which is making changes to the design of the kitchen.

Basically, subsidized houses are generally small in size.

To work around this, the use of a minimalist design can be the right choice for small rooms in the house, such as the kitchen.

The minimalist design itself can make the kitchen room look more spacious and airy through the use of simple but functional decorations and furniture.

In addition to adding granite, brick paste and replacing some kitchen complementary equipment, you can add a kitchen set or cabinet.

The reason is, the kitchen in the subsidized house does not provide a kitchen set or cabinet.

You can place a kitchen set, cabinet or minimalist kitchen cabinet model at the bottom of the table.

Apart from being functional furniture, its existence also saves space and will not make the kitchen feel cramped.

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