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Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

 In a house, a kitchen set is a complement to your kitchen. Kitchen sets are now widely produced and sold in the market with various types.

In terms of prices, kitchen sets have variations ranging from quite cheap to expensive. Even the same type of kitchen set, the price is not necessarily the same. Basically making a minimalist kitchen set is not difficult, for that, see how to make the following kitchen set!

One of the easiest parts of a kitchen set to make is a kitchen cabinet mounted on the upper wall, with the following steps:

1. Make the design. Measure carefully the size of the area where the cabinet will be installed. This part may take a little longer because we have to calculate the melamine and HPL block board requirements that will be used. Measurements must also be made carefully so that it fits between the cabinet and the room to be used.

2. Prepare the tools. To get good results with the use of effective tools, you can use a circle saw or an ordinary modified electric saw. In addition, also prepare an electric drill with a drill bit with number 3.5 to make screw holes. Besides that, you also still need other drill bits, such as drill bits for keys and drill bits for bowl hinges. Also prepare glue with a glue holder and a wheel brush for gluing, a screwdriver for attaching screws and fine sandpaper.

3. Prepare the material. To make a cabinet you need multiplex / melamine blockboard and HPL for finishing. Make sure the amount is as needed from your previous calculation results. In addition to the basic wood material, what should not be left behind is fox glue for the gluing stage.

4. The stage of cutting the melamine block board/blockmil drawer box and kitchen set bulkhead. Cut the millet according to the specified size using a circle saw. Precise and neat cuts will minimize mistakes, so you avoid wasting material and possibly damaging the edges due to inaccuracies when cutting.

5. HPL cutting stage. HPL is also cut in such a way as to follow the size of the multiplex that has been cut previously. This HPL cutting must also be precise and precise so that the multiplex area is covered or coated perfectly.

6. Gluing HPL to Blokmil stage. Next is to glue the HPL to the block using Fox glue. Glue with a wheel brush to get an even and strong gluing result.

7. The installation stage of small materials, the next step is to assemble them. Connect the sheets to each other and then connect them into a plane using bowl hinges. Generally this is for the cabinet door only.

8. To install it, use a special drill bit for mounting bowl hinges. When everything has been done, don't forget to install the door handle

9. Stages of finishing and installation. This stage is the last stage to make a kitchen cabinet independently. Sand with fine sandpaper the edges of the cabinet become smooth and do not hurt when in contact with hands.

When you have, you just have to install the bulkhead in the area that has been determined in the design with a height that can be reached by kitchen users. To install this cabinet use screws and fischer. don't forget to install the wheel rails

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